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Ella EcoLodge - Ella, Sri Lanka

Different from other hotels, accommodations built of concrete in Ella, this is fully wooden guest house located on a beautiful mountain slope of famous ELLA GAP. Eco Lodge is ready to make your stay in perfect natural settings in Ella.

Breath-taking views, surrounding lush green mountains, forests, nearby waterfalls and symphony of roaming around birds will entice you of Ella Ecolodge as well as Ella’s beautiful nature. Your sleeping bed, relaxing chair, room table are all made out from a naturally fallen turpentine tree without altering its shape and properties. All of these done to make your stay in perfect natural settings.

Ella is a small sleepy town in Sri Lanka’s hill country and well known for its beautiful nature such as range of lush green mountains, beautiful valleys, typical hill country climate, tea plantation, Ravan waterfalls popularly known as Ravana Ella, sightseeing etc. Train journey from Colombo to Ella is fun and full of stunning sceneries as it passes through tea plantations, Eucalyptus Mountains, mountain ranges, villagers, waterfall areas.

Behind Ella EcoLodge

Owner Sampath Perera who is a nature & wild life conservationist in Sri Lanka, purchased this forest land in 2010 with the idea of doing something different from most of the concrete guesthouses in Ella, that leads to deterioration of Ella's beautiful nature. In 2014, his idea became a reality when Ella Ecolodge was set up.

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